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The Dalmatian, the Mute Deer Goat and now....

I am thinking that random strangers now know I have a blog because there is no other reason why they would come up to me in broad daylight and say things. I am wearing a T-Shirt that says 'Don't Talk To Me I Hate People' but apparently I have a friendly face.

Stupid face!

As you may recall I run with whippets. It's what I do. Granted they are not a breed that is seen frequently in my part of the world which is fine, more for me. 
First we had "Is that a Dalmatian?" (5 times by different people. I'm not even joking.)

See? Exactly like a white dog with black spots. I know! Firemen and women all over North America try to get ones like these.

Oh maybe I look like Cruella de Vil?

Then came The Deer Goat. That is just too out of this world to be insulting right?

I was walking her right next to The Dalmatian when she came home and a neighbour asked if she was a goat. Um. No. No lady it isn't a goat. Her next comment, because apparently my appalled look needs…