The Dalmatian, the Mute Deer Goat and now....

I am thinking that random strangers now know I have a blog because there is no other reason why they would come up to me in broad daylight and say things. I am wearing a T-Shirt that says 'Don't Talk To Me I Hate People' but apparently I have a friendly face.

Stupid face!

As you may recall I run with whippets. It's what I do. Granted they are not a breed that is seen frequently in my part of the world which is fine, more for me. 

First we had "Is that a Dalmatian?" (5 times by different people. I'm not even joking.)

See? Exactly like a white dog with black spots. I know! Firemen and women all over North America try to get ones like these.

Oh maybe I look like Cruella de Vil?

Then came The Deer Goat. That is just too out of this world to be insulting right?

I was walking her right next to The Dalmatian when she came home and a neighbour asked if she was a goat. Um. No. No lady it isn't a goat. Her next comment, because apparently my appalled look needs some work, was she thought "it" ran like a deer/goat.

I never corrected her. After three years, do you think I should? Because I don't want to see her in my yard with a BBQ fork thinking she's dinner...

Now at this point I am accumulating whippets just for the fun repertoire that strangers will come up with. The house is filling up y'all.

You ready? Enter this guy.

I know what you're thinking, Dalmatian junior right? Nope I have been asked by if he will stay white in these following conversations with THREE different people:

"He won't stay white right?"

"Yes he will."

"Because you know Siamese cats are born almost all white then they get black masks, legs and tail."

"Yes, they are called points, I used to own Siamese..."

"Oh so you know then! What colour points will he have?"

"None. He is not a cat."

"Yes but will he be Siamese?"

"Again, not a cat. Whippets cannot change species."

"Yes, yes, I know but he will grow into his points or is he already full grown?"

"No to the points. No to all of it. Just no."

So ladies and gentleman, there you have it. The Dalmatian, The Mute Deer Goat and The Siamese.


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