He's just a dog.

I call this:
 "Plaid Dalmatian On Mosaic"

15 years on Earth that one. 

15 years he has given me myself. He has taught me so much. Sure he taught me all about dog stuff, whatever, but mostly he taught me how to live. How to love. How to be free. How low self esteem is made up human garbage because to him, the sun rises and sets with me. To him, I am love. To him, I can do no wrong. The egg cracked and he imprinted on me. He chose me. Go figure.

For 15 years I have tried to live up to what this creature sees in me. I crawled out of my safe cocoon and drove alone in blinding snow late at night to get to his classes in the middle of nowhere. I drove to different locations pre GPS to get him to race practices. I am geographically challenged people! I learned how to knit because he needed a sweater. I had to make friends with literally hundreds of people who have the same breed. PEOPLE! Yakking at me everyday. What is this world coming to? He begat The Mute Deer Goat and The Siamese Dog. 

He also, somehow without any official titles to his name, became famous. I established a dog park in my city on his behalf. I had to go to city council meetings. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?? Me in the same room with dumb ass politicians asking dumb ass questions?

"What about the children? Don't the children deserve parks??" 

Yeah, they have tons of parks already AND all I want is that abandoned field with the waist high weeds. Any children of the corn kids left in there then you have bigger problems on your hands mister. Also nice hair piece. No. No it is not. 

"Will we be allowed to smoke in the supposed dog park???"

Huh? Are you on crack lady? How is this even relevant to get you to sign off on this park? Sure, whatever, pitch your lit cigarettes at all the corn children in the park. 

I wanted what was best for him. A person frozen in fear was not best for him. He is a natural explorer and thrill seeker. Let's go, people to meet, things to do, places to pee on. Well he peed, not me, I just pooped my pants. Not at the moment, but many times. Not literally. Keep it together dummies. Stay focused. Christ you people! 

He has been with me a third of my life. Half my 30's, all of my 40's and now beginning my 50's. I am 29 for those of you who have trouble with math...

He is old now. He lacks self confidence at times. It breaks my heart. He will leave me one day. Maybe soon. Maybe not but one day. I will need to get up from my bed that very next day. I will need to carry on. I will need to remember that all he ever was was a dog. A conscience happy guide that lives in the present moment without hate in his forgiving heart - and that is what we ought to aspire to be. 


stivafan said…
Awesome blog, Miss 29.
HJ said…
You do know we love you don't you.

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