Blog not.

 Blogging is hard.

I know you are still out there, I see the views on my blog. In fact 52 of you were here yesterday. Which is crazy pants. I haven't put anything up since December. So there. Re-read at will. Johnny is that you?

Blogging involves a lot of self openness. Yet, recently I have my face scrunched up not wanting to leak any of me out in print. I ought to quit that, it's giving me wrinkles.

Obviously I've lost my wit. Or wherewithal. Maybe both? Nah. When I talk to people in the real world they still show me their teeth. They are either thinking I am a dentist or that I am funny. We'll never know.

I'll ask around and get back to you.


Lisa Duffy said…
You're back! You Blogging rock!
Lisa Duffy said…
Yay, you're back! You blogging rock!
SjHopper said…
Why THERE you are!! Welcome back. I too have gone all can't write anything on my blog...since March. Actually either of them. Glad you are back.

Sue and HotRod
stivafan said…
Yes, Johnny's here too!

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