How Jaysus met his maker. Part 1.

What? This is a perfectly normal photo. Oh, the story attached to it? Yes, I see your point.

Well, it all started over a year ago, the best set-ups do. Near my home there was a 6ft giant metal shark as a business front ornament for a gas station. You know, nothing says gas like a shark, frankly eHarmony was certainly involved, so perfect the match. I drove directly into their parking lot hearing angels in my head, or that could have been the people I ran over. I stood there gob smacked, grinning.  It's on metal posts 6ft in the air, sexy subtle. I wasn't really hugging it, I was trying to see if I could budge it more than a centimeter. Then a thought occurred to me that my actions could be interpreted as stealing, and after running over those people, I may be in trouble. "Not for sale" gas station man said when I offered to buy it.  He had to repeat himself apparently I had gone deaf.

Back at home Johnny Depp laughed at my description, but oddly enough, he did not want the giant 6t metal shark on our roof.  I check the deed of our house, his name, is in fact, on it, so he is allowed opinions apparently. Pffft!  Nevertheless, my drives into town were usually detoured so I could pass in front of a giant shark on my way. He would never wave back. Nor toot his horn. I'm sure he meant to.

Then the gas station went belly up. Not the shark. The gas station was for sale. So was the shark! SHARK!!!

But then a terrible thing happened....


Well Done Kathleen! Waiting for the next installment with baited breath...

laurie said…
This is going to be a very fun journey! Can't wait!
Laurie and sim
laurie said…
This is going to be such a fun journey! We can't wait!
Laurie and Simmer
stivafan said…
Awesome!! Deed schmeed, such a great sculpture belongs on a roof.
Lisa said…
That's mah shark! Love the bog. I
Go K go K go K go K go!!!

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