2011, a learning curve.

2011 has taught me a lot. I mean tons. I mean I am standing here near its end and I do not need to learn one more single thing. Nope, I'm full thanks. I'm actually scared of typing that, I'm sure the roof will cave in or my neck will crack a certain way and I'll be leaning over gumby-ish for the rest of my days and then where would I be?  I'm not that bendy.

If you have been following this blog, you all remember the biblical flood from April to June, you know the whole 70 days of this mayhem:

Not that those waves were crashing against my house, that would be insane....Oh wait. No what would be insane is to not evacuate and fight to save the house, who does that?

But actually the year started with a whiz banger of a bang in January.

For instance, a person learning he has cancer of the liver at noon then passes away at 11:30pm same day - who does that?  SURPRISE!

Then who does this, 3 days later, in front of a hundred people at his funeral and doesn't remember doing it - who does that?

His daughter does, of course she does.

Coming to terms with the death of one's parent is not possible when the other parent needs help. Also impossible when you are sick in bed for weeks with the flu then pneumonia/bronchitis only to get up from your sick bed and start hauling water away from your house and your other parent's house.  Who does that?

Things have quieted down a bit. I only have to contend with asbestos removal, being on many repairs post flood waiting lists, watching the river rise and other houses be demolished, you know, everyday stuff.

But you know what? I am a healthy loved and in love gal. That's a whole whack of a lot right there. And you can huff and puff on this brick house and me, weeble wobbles don't fall down. Okay they do if your big brother sits on them, but they usually bounce back! It just takes me a lot longer.

I have started to dream about the man who's daughter stood up there and I can hear his laughter, smell his line dried clothes and think if I can only grasp onto that instant he just may still be there. But, as with time, he is now ephemeral. I can't quite grasp his hand, then I am woken up to the reality of knowing there will be no Papa to this day. Nor to this Christmas, nor to any others.

2011? I will celebrate all I have learned and I thank you.

Now don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out you little shit.


marie said…
you had me weepy reading this and in one sentence had me choke back laughter. hugs to you, my cousin!
You are one stong Lady Kathleen Lord. But then you had Johnny & Jaysus to pull you through, and don't forget honeybadger, and Beyonce!! Here's Hoping for a vastly improved year in 2012.

Sue & HotRod
And Ricky! How in the world did I forget him?

Sue & HotRod
Thank you all for your wonderful comments, let's pass the tissue....


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