Ramp Rage

Fall through societal cracks, break your mother's back.

Shoot 'em up bang bang.

Holy livid batgirl.

Arsenal of weapons, not one of them a pen nor a dialogue.

Finders keepers. Easy to find a multitude of war machinery, just dial 1800RAGE. They deliver.

Easy peazy. The opposite equals unpatriotic.

True patriots needed time to load the musket. But what do I know, I have no right arms from a bear.

Tick Tock, who's next?

Narrowly escape a shooting in T.O. only to be slaughtered in CO.


No, a man and his gun.


SjHopper said…
Yep. People are crazy...

Anonymous said…
Tragic. :( I can't even watch the news about it anymore. I am horrified at the magnitude of the shooter's hate and of his arsenal.

It makes me a little scared to go see any movie now.

I hate guns.


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