Glutton for free.

This journey started 10 months ago. But it feels more like 3.2 years. (Why 3.2 years you ask? It's my blog and I decided on that number. No, you don't get a vote. Also that's when I noticed a swollen finger once. Fine it was 3 years ago, I added the .2 for pizzazz, hush.) You see, in an effort to rid myself of swollen joints and pretend 2 doctors and 1 specialist didn't know what they were talking about, I decided to embark on a natural path to rid myself of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I know, I know, not a sexy illness like; "Oh gosh my boobs are too big" or "I have a fake sex addiction!" No an old lady joint disease.

I came to find out that RA is an autoimmune disorder that affects the entire body (lungs, kidneys, eyes...) not just the joints and it can start at any age. One doesn't need to test positive for RA (like myself) to have it...But more on all that boring science later.

I used the google. Did you know you can cure cancer with broccoli? I don't even think you have to eat it, you just wave it at the offending body part that dared turning cancerous.  I mean if you had taken better care of your intestines, you wouldn't have gotten cancer in the first place! Also, smear coconut oil on the east side of your house if you need to shake a chakra free. If you don't own a house, eat more broccoli, boom, house! War torn countries only need to start juicing and all will be settled. Throw some kale in and you have yourself an answer to world hunger baby!

I said the EAST side of the house, do not for the love of all that is holy, smear some on the west side!

Actually I asked my general practitioner about food changes I could implement to stop inflammation and she recommended some things.  Then I read a few books, spoke to people who have RA, read fact based balanced web sites and gave it a shot. I had nothing to lose.

No gluten. No sugars. No dairy products. Shoot me now.

Here's the thing about gluten, no one knows what it is, but it's delicious! This was the hardest for me. I thought quitting sugar was going to be hard, but I had spent my 20's sugar free and knew I could do it again. I have never liked moo cow milk, so no worries there. Wait, dairy free meant no cheese? Now THAT was a bitch.

I didn't want to be the dick following the whole gluten free movement, but here I am 10 months into it, practically embarrassing. I'm "in" - who knew?

Now at this junction you are wondering if it worked. I'm sorry to report that it did. Why am I sorry? Because I am basically just eating organic locally farmed lemons people, keep up! There are no lemon trees in the Canada - the commute was a horrendous.

Actually the new changes in my eating plan worked to a point then no further. The symptoms were lessened for several months, it felt like all the sacrifices were working. Until they weren't. RA came knocking louder a few weeks ago and I had to follow the "do what the rheumatologist says" route.

In conjunction with the meal plan, I am feeling so much better now (touches wood, spins 3 times spits on the west side of the house.)  I can walk the Dalmatian and Deer Goat, I can flex my fingers, even the middle one when angry and I can type a mediocre blog.

Here's the kicker. When one shops gluten free one visits natural food/health stores a lot where one can find naturopath offices. Many a naturopath has shamed me for following the medical route - because, you know, I should have taken a pink himalayan salt bath instead. Is guilt really a tool?

There has to be a better way. Naturopaths need to send you to a hospital if you are bleeding out and not look for a better Omega 3 pill. Doctors need to listen to their patients whole story and not just treat the body part.

So I am doing both.

With cheese.

And wine.

(Of course, I'm just "pulling" wine - swish and spit.)


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