Death Star Canteen.

Asbestos abatement peeps are hilarious!

Wait? You didn't know that there was asbestos in my attic and it needs to be removed due to Irene leak? Of course it does, it's still 2011 silly.  Pay attention would you?

AW (asbestos woman) tells me when the removal time comes, it makes quite the impression and most people panic. I asked her to explain what a panic attack felt like. Crickets.

AW explained that the workers come with masks, suits, respirators and make decontamination corridors, depressurized air tents...She just wanted to make sure to set the alien movie scene since most people get frightened by the bio-hazard extravaganza.

Fight to the death? This is canteen.

Instead of thoughts riddled with anxiety festivals, I wondered if we could play a sound track in the background while colour coordinating the suits with my god awful floors and what size does a Dalmatian take. Ooh Ooh, will they wear adult diapers in their orange suits?  Is Dustin Hoffman available...

AW was still talking, you'll need a tray, so I tried to focus. Informing me that inside the decontamination corridors, great word that, DECONTAMINATION, coming soon in 3D...AW explained they would have to box all my books, china, anything not nailed down....

Wait. What? Why?  Strangers touching my stuff? My books? My grandmother's china? PEOPLE IN MY HOUSE?  My book shelves that have dust behind them, being ogled by strangers, is she nuts?

Death by tray it shall be.


stivafan said…
AW will hack with the thin bits...

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