I built it. It came.

If you start a blog under the premise that you hate people, they come out of the woodwork like brain eating zombies and throw themselves at your feet. They tap tap tap your diamond rings, they roll up onto your driveway in a tank, they cough into your swimsuit, hopefully giving you dengue fever and they ask you the definition of the word collusion.

It's like The Secret. If you really really want something or really really resist something, it magically sits on your lap for a 10$ lap dance or something. Can you tell I haven't read that book? Can you tell I'm not going to?  Stories, everyone has them, I just have an eye (two, actually) for them. So, off I go warning the online tribe that I will come back with a story, sure enough, the dancer has lap sat.

"Excuse me miss, can you tell me what the word collusion means?" 

Points for the miss.

I look over and see uni bomber hat dude is pointing to the paper in front of him. Being of a trusting nature I actually check to see if he's pointing at the word collusion....Points for that as well.

I answer, being amongst 75 people in a waiting room, I am the only one that has the word dictionary written on her forehead:

"It means a conspiracy, cheaters of sort."

It also means I am of trusting nature for you all know he just wanted to tell me his life story without ever taking a breath. The first line after was:

"I have chickens"

The last, after a good 25 minutes of a monologue worthy of 8 more blogs, was:

"Are you married?"

Tap tap tap.


stivafan said…
Johnny would like to know the answer you gave for the last question :-).

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