Who was that person?

January, the month of de-cluttering. Or maybe the month of watching one too many shows about closet organization. Also, how in the world is the word hoarder now a thing? And why do those shows always have a poop shot in them?

"Yes no-teeth-Ethel we are making a donation, a keep, and a give away pile and found, gasp, after 43 years of not cleaning, RAT DROPPINGS!!"" - cut to shot of poop - cue the Shining music. ARGH!!!!

This found me in the basement calmly getting rid of some boxes. Calmly, in this case, means sprinting so fast the Dalmatian was in the rear. I have all my teeth still, so off I go.

Spring is coming, don't want to be caught amidst flood season with too much stuff down there - Now the goal I set was 5 or 6 carton boxes for the next hour. HA HA! I am so naive. 1 box and several hours later of me sitting on the floor drooling and leaving me wondering was this really my box?

Apparently I was a romance novel, cat loving person who collected Bionic Woman comic books. I still love cats, just not enough to be subscribed to 27 magazines about them. I still love romance novels, if by romance novels one means vampire porn, then yes, but still.

In the box, I have one that has Fabio on the cover. FABIO!

Fabio and the Bionic Woman would make pretty long haired strong babies.

She could just pop them out like kittens.


stivafan said…
Hugely hilarious!

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