How Jaysus met his maker. Part 6/The (for now) end.

Now it may be important, at this venture, to inform you that I live in the country of Québec. Well, it isn't a country, it's a province of Canada, but when was the last time you checked a Canadian map hein? For les Américains, we are the big country on top of you. CANADA. Yes, snow banks in July uh huh...Teasing! Please don't invade us, thank you.

Now this country of Québec is a drivable distance to Virginia (fictional place) but there tends to be a border crossing in between the two. You know, to keep the riff raff out. All those illegal Canadians trying to get in so they can now pay for their shitty healthcare instead of having free shitty healthcare. And all those illegal Americans trying to marry those Québécoise women because of love and their river frontage houses, riff raff, I tell you! 

Anywho, in my mind, once Jaysus strapped on (hey now!) we were going to tour the internet tribe on the way to Virginia (fictional place). A pilgrimage really. To touch a fin for luck. To ring a doorbell and say knock knock. 

The various scenarios of border crossings were scary. Would they Xray Jaysus? Am I allowed to "import" giant sharks? Do you wear rubber gloves when searching the cavities of a metal shark? Will I need a Visa for him? What is a Kardashian anyway? How far and fast can I run before the taser hits me? 

I had decided I was just going to drive up and not mention it. 

Who would notice really?

(Click on photo for larger size. Photo idea by Allie Smith (fictional name). Photoshop by Wendy the Web Wizard. Jaysus taken by me. Me taken by Johnny Depp (ooh). And I have no idea who or what that dog is. Looks like a Dalmatian)

Alas, this story, so far, does not end with a Spielberg-esque big red bow finish, yet. So is life. Jaysus is still not for sale even though he has met his maker, the Lord of Kathleen. But his image will forever be tied to friends wanting to make me forget about a flood and its damages to my home and psyche. People care for me, I am so very awesome.

And in the end, the love you take
Is equal to the love, you make.


stivafan said…
You funny and appreciative, great combination. Dalmatian - LMAO!
Marc and Lauri said…
Yay, a final chapter! Oh how I love this saga <3

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