Tales from the flood. Second Edition.

Now, from the previous post, we've established that The Mentalist (heart shaped bath owner) does a whiz bang up job with opening lines.  So I was a bit twitchy walking up the road one day seeing him already chatting up another neighbour, no avoiding. Well, I thought of diving into the water and just swimming by them, but it would have ruined my Italian leather purse. Besides, I didn't read the instructions on the 40lbs hip boots, but I gather there may have been some drowning.


Oh. Good. Christ. Not that that's rude or anything.  Okay, I admit, curiosity got the best of me.

"I'll bite, I'm 44, why?"


Ladies? I'll get his number for you.

Pixarian mentioned that we should be grateful the 12 year old tank dude didn't blow our house into oblivion while pressing all those nifty buttons. Well! I'll have you all know there was perfectly safe duct tape on the end of the tank gun thank you very much!

Because, that's how we roll. Canadian made duct tape. Blue, in case you wanted to know.

Now granted, The Mentalist (nickname given to him by other neighbours) had 5 ft of water in his basement, it doesn't bring out the best in people. He did turn out to be a sympathetic person, I am grateful for his way of being.

All variety of people turned into one when the waters rose.  Our people were now the flooded.  Our people waited in line in various forms of scruffiness at the Red Cross for our daily ration of drinking water. Our people now rang each other up, no matter what time of the day, to check in. We were cut off from the world, we hadn't made the news yet in those first 3 weeks.  Our Prime Minister hadn't found us on the map yet. Harper's soldiers at the military base in town were chomping at the bit to come and help us, but had to actually come on their days off, having not been officially sent in yet. These soldiers live and love here too, they were our people.

Brave, strong, fearless people. Just a usual Spring time flood? People kept saying, hoping, asking, praying.  With my genetic pool, I just knew it in the very core of my being it wasn't a usual flood. I didn't know it would be a 150 year old record breaking flood (they started measuring 150 years ago) but I knew this flood, these moments it time, would change who we were.

Life went on during the flood. Many days of life. Moments in time.

My Johnny Depp turned a year older.

We voted during the federal election. I rowed myself and my Mom to the voting station. Women died for our right to vote in the bygone times, we were not going to wimp out, so we goddamn voted! Not for Harper apparently.

Easter had a soggy bunny.

My parents anniversary came and went. Most difficult flower purchase ever.

The Whippet Wonder Boy turned 9.

My brother's BDay BBQ was had with hip boots on.

Mother's Day too. Surely not Father's Day as well?

Yes, Father's Day in the dunk. A very difficult dunk day.

Welcome Summer, could you kick Spring flood's ass out please?



What's that now? A daily visit from now on with questionnaire? Do I win anything? No? Do you have those calendars? Sigh. Fine, go ahead proceed.

Yes, we have electricity.
Yes, our septic is working.
Yes, we have water for bathing.
No, it's a Whippet.
No, we don't need to evacuate.
Yes, 2 people live here.
Yes, I do own a bra, I just happen to have been caught off guard.
Yes, our phone is working.
Yes, it is like a Greyhound.
Yes, we have food and use of our stove.
No, no water in the house.
Yes, he runs fast.
No, no water in the basement.
What the what? Do we need drinking water? What do you mean "need"? Oh you have some in your truck and are asking if we need daily delivery?

Oh, good lord, no, we don't need you to give us any drinking water! It is so convenient taking the canoe out, paddling in 110km winds, changing from boots to shoes in the pouring rain, driving to the Red Cross center every.single.day, waiting in a long line to get drinking water for us and my elderly Mum, then rowing back. Nah, keep it!

Daily delivery of water, pffft, don't be silly asshole.


stivafan said…
He does run fast and I love that blog.

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