Introducing the Dalmatian. Part 2.

"Madame, est-ce un Dalmatien?" (Is it a Dalmatian?) 

Same walk, different woman:

"Il est beau votre Dalmatien" (Your Dalmatian is beautiful.) 
-Um. Thank you?

Same walk (where the heck was I walking?), middle aged man with his wife and kids:

 "Wow. It must shit a lot."
-I'm sorry, what's that now?

"You know, it must shit a lot being so skinny?"
-Hey kids, good luck with that bright future.

Also, neighbour up the road, while walking my Dalmatian, obviously:

"Ça c'est un beau Dalmatien hein madame?" (Now THAT is a nice looking Dalmatian isn't it lady?)
-Why yes, yes it is. Not that I've known you for 35 years, not that I walk my dog twice a day every single day here for the past 9 years, not that you've asked me that every single time, not that I've corrected you every.single.time and we then proceeded to have a 30 minute conversation about whippets and racing and sighthounds each time, what's that? Yes, yes my head did just pop off, very observant of you...

Now I usually get:

"Est-ce un retraité de la course?" (Is it is retired Greyhound?) 
-No words. I usually just make out with them. Or weep a little. 

Humphrey, the shit-a-lot-Dalmatian, obviously.


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