Some answers, if you choose to accept them.

No, Hurley did not eat all of them! They're all dead. Big woop.

Now about my blog, some have asked questions from the About Me section.

"Why fling poo?"

It's what primates do when they are pissed, scared or bored. And flinging it? Well you can't get funnier than that. How better to define the purpose of this blog I ask? See? I have moments of brilliance...I'll let you know when they actually happen.

"Is Kathleen Lord really awesome?"

I'm sorry? I don't understand the question.

"Do you really hate people?"

I am flinging poo at them. No. Why do you ask?

"Are you really married to Johnny Depp?"

Totally true. I taught him French. He taught me how to wear bangles.

"Are you Greek?"

No, I am Irish Québécoise/French Canadian. Have you not been paying attention? Let's look at that map again, shall we? The big country on top with the socialistic anti-christ agenda that tends to use ice skates a lot? Yep. Okay look to the right, there is a gigantic province named Québec - it sells you the electricity you use - yes I know its capitol is Québec City, how confusing. Now wave. No that's Newfoundland, to the left a bit. Never mind.

"Do Canadians really apologize for everything and say a-boot?"

Bite me.


Not really.


Daniel Dude said…
Looks like birds to me.

Well, I guess Blogger doesn't have a flying poo theme. I can see how this would be the closest thing to it though.

Or maybe it is shaped before being flung?

Sometimes I wish I more kinesthetic and less visual...come to think of it, maybe not. Not in this case anyway.

I think I'll stop right here before I get my ass moderated outta here.

Luv your blog!
Daniel Dude

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