How Jaysus met his maker. Part 2.

After a painful whirlwind first three months of 2011, that may or may not be discussed at a later date, the fourth month, April 16th to be exact, brought this terrible thing to my backyard:

(What the hell is she talking about? A little water over the edge, total drama queen...)

Then that turned to this on April 17th, it was a birthday gift for my most loved one:

(Okay, well that is bit more water, but still, quit your whining...)

Then, for Easter, I went scuba hunting for eggs and may have eaten my weight in chocolate:

(Yes, yes, we get it, water, bla bla...Wait. IS THAT THE ROAD???)

My shark-less house was surrounded by water. Hip deep water.  For 70+ days, it looked like this:

How, um, inconvenient.

Well, as it turns out, this was a national disaster, 10,000 homes affected in my province and 3,000 people evacuated. Thankfully, I wasn't the only one with an army tank in her driveway. I must say, when an army tank rolls up to your house, you have two ways of going about it, you either faint dead away or you yell at them to not ruin your lawn. There are choices to be made, choose wisely.

Of course, my Mum chose to shoo them away with her tea towel, surely the international sign of "GET OFF THE GRASS!!".  Apples, they don't fall too far from trees.

More on my flood adventures later. Suffice it to say, the only way in or out of my house was with hip boots and/or paddling a canoe to get to my car that was parked a kilometer away. Good times. Now how one goes about strapping a giant 6ft metal shark to a canoe...



stivafan said…
Tea towel or be like that wee Chinese man on the television standing in front of the tank.

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