Look alive people, they're out there. There I was minding my own business, getting vegetables, only talking to myself in my head, my version of being anti-societal, when this flies out of a woman's mouth:

"You have such childish eyes!!!"

"You mean youthful?"

"No childish. I bet you were a princess?"

What am I supposed to reply, if anything to this? I can't pretend to be mute, there is already a groan escaping out of my mouth for all to hear. Oh yes, extra bonus, we've amassed a group of people now awaiting for my answer.  Brilliant.

Um, no? I am not from royal descendants?  Are you asking me if I was a prissy girly girl? Are you calling me immature? Are you being nice and wanting to compliment my youthful nature? Are you saying my eyes are child like but the rest of me is an old bat?

I can see a smile on her face, so I am guessing she is either going to stab me or she means well, either way I went with:

No.  I am batman.


stivafan said…
Batman...with just the slightest odor of skunk.

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