Playing sandwich chicken with a hoe.

Postpartum flood rebuilding is all the rage now, so are parachute pants with a different name, but, again, I fashionably digress. 2 Legit.

Every day you hear nail guns, trucks, doozy what's-its, drills, swearing, calls to bank managers and a bit of sobbing. This week is my week! I got me some trucks and hoes, bitches! They have delivered tons of big rocks to shore up the land near the river, dirt to level out the 3 yards, gravel for the driveway and seeds for grass. I can't wait to have an actual driveway!

If a 12 year old shows up in an army tank next year to ruin my driveway again, I will reach in there and snatch his smart phone and smack him with it.

Speaking of which, texting while spreading dirt backwards driving a 2 ton back hoe does not make you look cool a mere inches from my house. What does make you cool is peeing on my yard. I have windows, so do my neighbours we all saw your wiener, thanks for that.

Sigh. Unfortunately this is not my first merry-go-'round-peeing story. Maybe later...

At noon, all the beep beeping, heavy machinery grinding sounds stopped dead. Thank goodness. Because there is nothing like all that noise since 6am to make me a a bit jittery. A bit. So I made a cuppa, with my soup and sandwich and sat facing the quiet beautiful river. Looks like this remember?

Did I mention that a back hoe is about 2 stories high? They parked themselves in front of this window to have their lunch from their coolers. Which is normal, who wouldn't want to park there to look out at that peaceful river? She gets compliments all the time about the view she shares with us.

Hang on, the hoes are FACING ME. The texting-peeing hoe operators are 3 feet from my window and myself, sitting eye level to me, eating sandwiches. We are eating sandwiches together. I know their chairs swivel 360, I've seen them do it all day. Nope. Let's eat facing her window staring at her eating her own sandwich.

I couldn't swallow nor look away. Someone had to win this chicken sandwich game!


I lost.

I was afraid they would tap on my window and ask me:



Damn You Kathleen Lord! I just snorted coffee thru my nose all over my computer work...

SjHopper said…
Still love this post Kathleen...

Sue & HotRod

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